Its all about deep tech., deep house., techno., nu disco., basslines., oldskool., electronica., indie dance., re-edits., acid house., electro.,

It was late nineties when I got a set of technics 1210s and most weekends I'd be heading to Londons best record shops. A dedicated vinyl pursuit began and having already been musically hooked since the 80s, I loved searching out those old tunes too and began building a back catalogue of all that I'd missed along the way. It was a while before I began gigging in town on the underground circuit and after being led to play out by industry friends, I found myself armed with an impressive collection of vinyl. Soon after, my night 'Spinage' was launched. It was a chance to play alongside fellow vinyl lovers who'd been on the same journey as me. While showcasing turntable skills, both party people and DJ's alike got to enjoy dance history all over again, playing and jumping to those timeless classics we all know and love. So after first being asked to teach by Abstract Source back in 2012, I invite people of all ages and backgrounds with an interest, come and learn the true art of spinning. For more details: contact@jewelshartnell.co.uk..